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Happy Pregnancy Program

100% All Natural Energy to Support Your Pregnancy Year

with Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrient Therapies

Perfect for women who cannot tolerate prenatal vitamins

Mother and Baby

Salus Hydrate Happy Pregnancy Program


Family Planning Physician Assessment

Are you planning for a pregnancy but want to make sure your body is ready? Schedule an appointment with a Salus WellCare integrative physician today.


Day 1 - Salus Hydrate Balance Infusion

Start out by correcting deficiencies and prepare your body to support a pregnancy



Weekly - Salus Hydrate's Pregnancy Support

Support your pregnant body with extra vitamins and nutrients to sustain a healthy pregnancy

Postpartum Lactation


Postpartum Lactating Support 


Salus Hydrate's Lactating Mama Infusion to promote the production of more milk for baby

Salus Hydrate's Pregnancy Support does not guarantee (Legal here)

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