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About Salus WellCare

We want you to thrive.

We believe that the healthcare system should focus on the root cause of wellness and not just how to recover from illness. As conventional medical practitioners, we were unsatisfied with the care we were delivering to our patients. We didn’t want to accept the norms that we were trained to follow.

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Our Mission

We want to take medicine out of the ivory towers of insurance companies and government regulators, back to the bedside. Our old paradigm of care had our patients visiting us monthly for the rest of their lives. In an integrative model of care, our goal is to never have to see you again. We are very grateful that we now have the tools and knowledge to finally bring the right care to our community and great patient outcomes are the sole determinants of our own success. The Salus model is how value-based care should be delivered.


We believe that lifelong treatment with pharmaceuticals is largely unnecessary (and even contraindicated) for people that are motivated enough to get off of them. We believe doctors and other healthcare practitioners should be able to provide the knowledge to those who are willing to do the work.


Our patients don’t have time to be sick and are smart, loving, caring people who feel a responsibility to themselves, their loved ones, and/or some higher power. They don’t want to be on pills and they certainly don’t want to feel duped. They are looking for answers and though we don’t have them all, our holistic approach to your care allows us to have a lot more than we did when we were in purely conventional practice.

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How we Do It

We have the requisite experience and certifications in both Integrative Medicine and also the conventional medical system. But perhaps what’s more important for our patients is that we really believe in the power of holistic treatment – it is not just a fad that we are catering to – Integrative Medicine has touched our lives and changed us for the better. We practice what we preach!

Wishing you well,

Rashida Ghauri, MD, ABIHM

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