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Blood Test

Specialized Testing

Get to the root cause of your medical issues with our cutting edge lab technology at Vibrant Wellness! Microarray testing has revolutionized the way we detect disease and monitor progression. Very few physicians are certified to order and interpret the solutions that are available on this innovative new testing platform. We have made this testing available to you to order on your own or include us in the formulation of and management of your health plan.

Checkout the video below for more information and order your testing kits today!

Vibrant Wellness
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Brief Descriptions

Lyme + Tickborne + Coinfections

Panel includes immune response to 40 different Borellia species, providing insight into what your body is currently fighting. The most comprehensive panel available to detect diseases transmitted via ticks to humans.

Gut Zoomer

Dive into the microbial world that exists in our gut and how it affects our daily functions

Organic Acids

Test for difficult-to-detect inflammatory root causes of disease and imbalance

Environmental Toxins

Determine if common environmental toxins are at the root of your symptoms

Micronutrient Panel + Organic Acids

Know how to eat to optimize your metabolism

Salivary Hormones

Optimize your health by detecting imbalances in sex hormones and cortisol/cortisone


Know if mold toxins are eroding your health and wellbeing

Food Sensitivity

Detect your body’s inflammatory response to commonly consumed foods and food additives

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