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Virtual Evaluation

Conventional face-to-face visits remain our preferred method of the initial evaluation. Though we take a very traditional clinical approach to our care process, revolutionary technology has expanded the number of options that are at our disposal to formulate your diagnostic and treatment plan. We are not afraid of these tools and are ready to use them to offer a comprehensive, multimodal patient experience for you and your loved ones.  Whether you are on the beach, or at home, newer options for care include using video chat technology, secure messaging, portal technology, video recordings, and any/every available Internet-based resource (blogs, interactive demos, patient communities, etc.). Our patients come up with new ideas all the time and we’re always looking to innovate your care, so long as it is evidence-based.

Telephone Consultation


Sometimes all you need to get on your health on track is a short conversation. In many cases, our physicians are available to provide consultations and follow-up care by phone. *In some circumstances, Salus staff may prefer you to visit in person.

Video Visit
Our entire team is well trained to provide care over long–distances. If you cannot reach our clinic physically, we can arrange for face-to-face interaction through video chat. You can book your appointment online or call us. *Initial evaluations are best conducted in person.

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