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Begin your journey to better health here. Your Salus physician will perform a comprehensive assessment of your current health status. Though we will follow the conventional procedure in this process, you will immediately feel the Salus touch as we dig deep into your state of health.


*Please reserve at least 60-90 minutes for this visit

New Patient Visit

  • Salus WellCare consultations are not your typical 10 minute chat. In fact, our initial consultations allow for 60-90 minutes. Our physicians are double board-certified medical doctors (MDs) specializing in both internal medicine and integrative medicine. This combination of training makes us well-suited to address the full gamut of your health from preventative care to the treatment of virtually any serious chronic disease including cardiopulmonary disease, diabetes, and cancer.

    If you or your loved one is just not getting the answers you need to feel better, our doctors can help. We will work with your care team to develop a customized plan to treat (and hopefully cure) your condition. Our primary goal will be to get you safely off of your pills and get you back to the great life you deserve.

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