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Find the Root Cause

for a Healthier, Happier Life


Our Wellness Approach

  • Our physicians believe in employing evidence-based medical science to offer you and your loved ones more options to diagnose and treat the root cause of your health issues.

  • We are double board-certified medical doctors, recognized by our medical community for our outstanding clinical prowess and bedside rapport.

  • We reserve the use of chemicals, radiation, and invasive procedures in your care unless absolutely needed and will work tirelessly to apply our extensive knowledge and experience to give you multiple paths to find a CURE for your condition.

  • Most importantly, we will never stop searching for the answers you need to feel better.

Get to the root cause.

About Us

We believe that healthcare should focus on wellness and preventing diseases and not just how to recover from them. As conventional medical physicians in our own practices, we were unsatisfied with the standard healthcare approach so we created Salus WellCare, an integrative healthcare medical practice to find the root cause of illnesses and to teach our patients how to live a healthier, happier, and longer, more healthy life. 

Our Mission

At Salus WellCare, we want to take medicine out of the ivory towers of insurance companies and government regulators, and back to the bedside.


The old paradigm of care had our patients visiting us monthly for the rest of their lives.

In our new, integrative model of care, our goal is to cure your disease and for you to never have to be a patient again!


We are very pleased and grateful that we now have the tools and knowledge to finally bring the right care to our community. Great patient outcomes are the sole determinants of our success.


The Salus WellCare integrative model of medicine is how patient care should be delivered for every patient in the United States. 

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New Patients Please Call Our Office 844-725-8763 To Schedule Your First Appointment

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Thanks for the Love!

"Excellent care! Dr. Ghauri went above and beyond in addressing my needs. I've never gotten that much time with a doctor before which made me feel as though I was in good hands. Definitely would recommend checking them out."


"Love working with Dr Ghauri! Wellness is very personal, and she makes sure it stays that way. Never a dumb question and always a caring, thorough answer. Thanks for being my wellness partner!!"


"Dr. Ghauri was very thorough in her review of my past and current health status. It was obvious to me she was extremely knowledgeable about natural health applications. I feel very confident to continue in her care. A very positive first visit experience!"


Thanks for the Love!
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